Just had these gorgeous photos sent to us from Jo of her pale mint green silk bespoke wedding dress.

Jo wanted a dress that was light and floaty, inspired by 1920’s or 1930’s styles.

She wanted something that was unique and non conventional. We played with ideas of having an ivory dress with coloured flowers embellished on it, and with having an ivory dress with a brightly coloured lining so when she was dancing there would be flashes of the colour underneath.

We used a really light silk crepe to make Jo’s wedding dress so that the skirt was really floaty and the top was loose and drapey. She went with a slouchy, low, open back with pearl beads dangling from the crystal motifs on the shoulders.

I absolutely love the photo on the beach with the wind catching her floaty dress.

Jo’s partner, Chris, and his brother designed and digitally printed some really jazzy fabric that he asked me to make into cravats, ties and pocket squares for the day.

Jo has since asked me to alter her dress by taking the train off and shortening it so that it’s a dress she can wear again for other occasions. I love doing this as it fits into the traditional sense of what would happen to a wedding dress. A wedding dress used to be the best quality dress a woman could afford and after the big day it would become the dress she would wear for special occasions, then it would be worn for Sunday Best, then best day dress and eventually cut up to make baby clothes or things for around the home, giving the dress many leases of life. It’s a shame that most wedding dresses these days end up in the back of a wardrobe or in an attic gathering dust and don’t get to live out their full lives.

“We had an amazing time and I loved wearing the dress”