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Project Description

Sarah’s Dip Dye Wedding Dress Story

Sarah came to me having tried on vintage dresses but found none that worked perfectly. She wanted elements a few different dresses. I sketched out the idea as we chatted.

She wanted a gathered blouson style top, loose and comfortable, with slouchy shoulders and a skirt that hugged the hips but was loose and flowing in the front and back. She wanted it shorter in the front to show off the shoes but still with a train in the back. The design changed as we went through the toiling and making process, with a complete re-imaginging of the skirt shape and tweaking on the shoulders and sleeve to get them to sit how she wanted them to.

Sarah really liked the idea of having a colour for the wedding dress and we discussed various shades of burnt orange and pale green and so went to try on a few dresses in those colours to see what suited her best. I ordered some samples of various shade and when we met again to look at them it was decided all round that an oyster tone actually suited her best but that maybe a little flash of colour somewhere would really set it off so we started looking at dip dyed wedding dresses and working out whether that was something that Sarah would want.

Photos by Matt Badenoch


Photos by mattbadenoch.com