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Project Description


Eunice got in touch 2 months before her wedding when she’d just found out that she was expecting. She had ideas of a structured tulip wedding dress and wanted the skirt to be voluminous but hadn’t thought much about how she wanted the top half to look. We did some sketches of options for the top and of an unusual panel to go in the back. She decided on a sweetheart halter neck and a straight waistband despite the usual maternity habit of bringing the waist line up at the front to allow for the bump as we felt it would fit better with the overall design of the dress.

Eunice is a very colourful person and every time she turned up at the studio she would be wearing a different bright colour and so, to make her dress individual to her we attached a bright pink layer of silk dupion underneath the organza which gives a pink tinge to the tulip skirt.

Not knowing exactly how much she would be showing by the time the wedding came around we started making 4 weeks before and allowed to for the bump, to be taken in or let out last minute. the bump was just about perfect by the time we got to the week of the wedding but we had to let the boobs out a little, luckily we’d left enough room inside.