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Project Description

Michael’s Green Wedding Dress Story

Michaela knew that she wanted a green wedding dress and having had difficulty in finding a suitable one the only option was to get it made bespoke. They had planned for their wedding to happen in prague and she wanted a shape that was suitably grand and impactful.

We discussed a few different fabrics that we could use and came to the conclusion that either silk dupion or taffeta would work with the style. I ordered samples of all of the different shades of green I could find and invited Michaela in to have a look at them and to try on the toile.

The shape was pretty much set straight away with a slight design tweak to the back to make it a low V rather than a scooped back and there was a debate about whether to go for Emerald green or one that was slightly more Olive in tone. In the end the Emerald won out as it was exactly what she had envisaged and thus the Green Wedding Dress was born.

Here’s what Michaela says about the process:

“Pearl is wonderful! From our first meeting, I felt that Pearl understood what I wanted and worked with me to produce the perfect wedding dressing. Pearl’s technical ability is absolutely fantastic, she is capable of taking your idea and turning into a stunning reality. I wanted a long dress and a short dress and Pearl designed both as a two in one for me. My dress was deceptively simple but required someone with Pearl’s skill to pull it off. Aside from Pearl’s technical ability and design acumen, I really valued the fact that Pearl is the opposite of pushy – she provides her input in a generous and warm way, helping to guide you to put together a one of a kind dress just for you and the whole process if thoroughly enjoyable (and Pandora is lovely). I could not recommend Pearl more highly!”

Photos by Katya Simon Photography


Photos by katjasimon.com